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“Instead of seeing government as a partner we fear, I think we should see them as a partner we welcome.” Peter Drucker

Getting Started

Seven “Getting Started” Tips for DOR

1. Share

DOR will succeed with broad endorsement from American citizens. Please take a few minutes to introduce DOR to your associates and colleagues using the “share” options in the right sidebar of any DOR web page.

2. Get Acquainted with DOR

The home page ( provides the complete definition of the DOR initiative and DOR Laws. Yes, there is a lot of text, but you can get a feel for DOR’s mission by reading only the first five paragraphs. If the introduction makes sense to you, it’s likely the remainder will as well. We encourage you to dig deeper of course, but it is quite possible to get acquainted with DOR in the first five paragraphs of the home page.

3. Digging Deeper

For those that want more than a high-level summary, the remainder of the home page provides much more detail about the initiative, followed by full definition of the eight DOR Laws. The laws are presented in a summary format, but include clickable expansion links to display the full text and underlying rationale of each law (Click here to skip to the DOR Laws section of the home page).

4. Sign the Laws

If you agree with the DOR laws, endorse them with your electronic signature (Click here to sign the DOR Laws). Signatures can be anonymous or with partial or full name disclosure.

5. Help Shape the Laws

If you have concerns about individual laws, help DOR refine them by providing your feedback (Click here to comment on specific DOR Laws).

6. Create an Account

A DOR user account is needed to use the “sign” and “comment” features. Account creation/login buttons appear automatically when needed to simplify this process.

7. Reference Articles

Throughout the text there are links to reference articles that provide background information or examples related to the topic or law being discussed.  If you are unfamiliar with a specific topic, the reference article will provide background.

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