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“Instead of seeing government as a partner we fear, I think we should see them as a partner we welcome.” Peter Drucker



1. What is the background of DOR?

Background on DOR is provided on the “About Us” page (click here to view).


2. Are the DOR Laws listed on the website intended to be the actual verbatim text of the laws to be passed?

No. The DOR Laws are intended to simply define the functional requirements of legislation. The wording of the actual laws will be developed through the normal legislative process and will differ considerably from their presentation on DOR; however the final legislation should address all of the functional requirements defined in the DOR Laws.


3. Why is DOR narrowly focused on repairing the effectiveness of government without addressing specific policy issues?

The short answer is that trying to change individual policy decisions would only address a few symptoms.  DOR is instead focused on fixing the underlying causes of government ineffectiveness so that the solution is permanent rather than temporary. While there is no “inherently right” answer for most policy decisions, the primary causes of ineffective government are finite and concrete. DOR does not steer policy, but it corrects the issues impeding effective policymaking. The DOR Laws restore effective legislation by eliminating the issues and special interest obligations that prevent officials from freely representing the people that elected them.

One informal and anecdotal indication of the “rightness” and “common sense” nature of the DOR Laws is that laws represent exactly the types of changes that officials and candidates frequently mention as items that “ought to be done” in their campaign speeches (but never do anything about once elected).  Even if there is a genuine desire by an individual official to fix the problems, it is currently impossible given the influence embedded in government. DOR provides the vehicle to make these changes possible.

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